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Pioneered by Dr Vernon Johnson, “Intervention” is an effective way of helping a person suffering with addiction to move forward and accept help. This can be for a range of addictive behaviours such as drugs, alcohol, sex and love addiction, codependency, gambling and eating disorders.

Fundamentally, the intervention process is rooted in genuine care and concern for the addicted person, enabling them to face the reality of their situation and to get the help that they need.

The intervention process culminates in a meeting between the person who is suffering with addictive behaviour and those people who are concerned and impacted by this, so that the reality of the situation can be acknowledged and plans for resolving this can be implemented promptly.

Each intervention is led by Nick Gully, a leading UK Addiction Therapist, who has trained as an interventionist in the UK and USA and has worked extensively in the addiction treatment field. Nick has held senior positions in some of the leading UK addiction treatment centres and has conducted many formal and informal interventions in his eighteen years in the field.

Although each intervention process is tailored to the individual circumstances of the clients, the typical format will be:

Pre-assessment – where we gather all appropriate information in order to understand, diagnose and plan for the future.

Conceptionalisation and Treatment Planning – where we will be able to more clearly understand the full scope of the presenting problem and develop a plan for responding to this.

Psycho-education – where we meet with those people involved in the intervention process and provide them with information, education and an opportunity to explore some of the related issues.

Intervention Meeting – where the “intervention team” meet with the addicted person and communicate concerns, feelings and boundaries to them.

Treatment- where the addicted person enters into and engages with an appropriate form of addiction treatment.

Follow-up and Aftercare – where we meet to review the progress made and provide ongoing support and help.

92% of those people who receive an intervention agree to go into treatment and take the opportunity to change their lives for the better

Whether you are interested in a family or work-place intervention, or simply advice on an appropriate treatment option, please call Nick Gully on 01273 302779 or 07742 026290, who will be happy to discuss the options with you.