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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a useful and beneficial way of understanding ourselves and working through any painful issues and concerns, helping us to explore the many ways that we relate to ourselves, others and the world.

Through the group process, members are able to give and receive support and understanding and resolve the aspects of their lives that cause distress and concern.

The realisation that some of our experiences and concerns are shared by others can be a powerful and healing process, with a shared sense of suffering and the realisation that recovery from this is clearly possible.

The group becomes a powerful canvass on which historical issues are unconsciously replayed and awareness of this enables the necessary experimentation and change to occur.

Working with others in a group setting is inspiring, moving and challenging and helps to enhance the many benefits to be gained from the therapeutic process.

For details on Group Therapy in London, Brighton or Farnham please contact Nick Gully on 01273 302779